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01-31-2004, 12:13 AM
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Since the eye injury, Lindros 26 pts in 31 games. Since around Christmas, he has scored 16 points in 18 games. The effort has been consistently there for the past <b>30</b> games. 30 games is not a streak. It's consistent play.

26 points in 31 games....have we come that far in 5 years, that a 69 point effort is acceptable? better yet a 23 goal effort from a guy who is expected to be the top line center? Mark Messier at 43 years of age has more goals..... that's pathetic. And Simon and Barnaby haven't been with him 30 games so his slump must have happened somewhere in there, which means he couldn't have been consistent for 30 games. Does it not?
No one is saying that Lindros should have been accomodated. If he were to be accomodated, that would have meant that he was not playing well to begin with, so he would be put with hot players to get going. But Lindros WAS the hot player. The Rucinsky-Holik-Kovalev was nothing better than decent after the inital outburst of scoring they had when they formed a line. After that, Kovalev and Rucinsky got a point here and there, and Holik did nothing. There was no reason to leave this line left together for a month when it was clearly not clicking anymore.
But Lindros WAS accomadated and even after that, couldn't score either a point per game OR stay healthy.

Who cares if he's a bonafide #1 center anymore? He's still our #1 center. He's still clearly better than Nedved, Holik, and Messier, at least on the offensive side of the puck. And you put offensive players with other offensive players. We'd all ***** and moan if Lundmark was playing on the 4th line with Simon and Barnaby, and rightfully so, because that is not putting an offensive player in a position to succeed. So why does Lindros not deserve offensive linemates when he's the best player we've had on the ice for the past 2 months?
He's the number one center? Messier has more goals, Holik has more points and both of those guys kept the team afloat for stretches while OUR number 1 center couldnt buy himself a point. Who cares if he's a bonafide number 1 center? LOL that is EXACTLY why the team is NOT going anywhere. Who cares if we don't have a number one center. Who cares if we dont have a starting goalie or any defese. I mean they are all just "things" right?

Yes, Barnaby and Simon were put with Lindros to spark him, and they did just that.
That right there about sums it up. We needed two 30+ year old fighters to spark "our" number one center. Again, this is a big part of the problem. And again, they haven't played 30 games with him so how could lindros have been consistent for 30 games if you just stated he needed a spark?

But there is only so far he can go with them. Lindros' play was not reliant on Simon and Barnaby. Once he got going, there was no reason to keep him with them unless his play started to falter (which it did not). Any player's offensive numbers would take a hit if he were playing with 3rd liners.
Maybe the more disturbing fact is that lindros hasn't responded to non-third liners in about 2 seasons now. Last year it took Holik to spark him, this year it took Barnaby and Simon. Maybe Lindros would be treated like a first line center if he acted like one. If he could score when the chips are down and actually make HIS linemates better rather than the other way around.

That he was still on pace for 65 pts while playing with 1 player who has never scored 20 goals and 1 who has scored 20 goals once in his career is a testament to how well he was playing before he went down.
That he couldn't do jack without them is also a testament to what a shell of his former self he is as well and what awful shape this team is in.

This team was having all sorts of problems scoring goals. Probably just as many as we had keeping goals out. To have our best offensive center playing with 3rd line wingers while our checking center plays with our best offensive wingers is piss-poor asset management.
The whole team is an example of piss-poor management. The fact that lindros is in a rangers jersey is a perfect example of that. The fact that he's out again, is piss-poor judgement as to why he should be playing and when the team needs him most he is in the stands again. Not all of it is his fault, BUT lindros has not deserved the praise that has gone to him for his season.

If the rangers were winning, lindros was scoring a point per game, and staying healthy, if lindros didnt need third line players for the SECOND year in a row to "revive" him and if he made his linemates better, this whole conversation makes sense. Right now it's about as absurd as saying tom poti is a nasty defenseman SIMPLY because he is 6'3, 215.

Matt Barnaby tries to fight, but that doesnt make him a heavyweight. Eric Lindros tries to play, but that doesn't make him a fraction of the player he was, the player this team needs, the player he should be or the player who is "our" first line center.

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