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01-28-2014, 02:39 PM
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Originally Posted by CM Lundqvist View Post
That contract screwed us. How that buffoon got 7 million a year, I don't know. His game REGRESSED since his days in Calgary. He's an even worse skater now, his offense has gone down and his defensive game, although improved is not leaps and bounds above where he was in Calgary.

How he deserves to be paid anywhere close to what Suter and Weber are making is beyond me.
He isn't paid anywhere close to Suter and Weber.

Weber makes/made $14m in each of the first 4 years of his deal and $12m for the next two. $6m a bunch after that. Average of $12.28m over the first 7 years. Suter makes $12m in the first two years, $11m the next year, $9m for the next 5 years. $10.14m over the first 7 years. Phaneuf makes $8m in the first two years, progressively going down to $5.5m in the last year. It's a 7 year deal and averages $7m over that span. Taken at even, simple 7 year contracts, which would have been the max length for either player under today's CBA, he makes $3m less than Suter and $5m less than Weber.

As for why Phaneuf deserves $1m-1.5m more than Girardi? Despite his "regression" from his Calgary days (he's actually a better defensive player now, but whatever...), he still puts up ~38 points per 82 games played. Girardi puts up ~27. Phaneuf is a better offensive player. He's as good defensively (or nearly so, at least).

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