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01-28-2014, 02:48 PM
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I wouldn't give callahan a deal at 6.5 per. I would love a deal at 5mil and 6 id be willing to do, hesitantly, but I think I would. And I have to admit my personal feeling towards the player push me in that direction.

I brought this up earlier. Ola had brought the idea of using 8 year deals as a tactic. Some teams have to add cap just to reach the cap floor. So if you front load a deal and the last 3-4 years the guy is making 2.5 or something reasonable. Theres a good chance their will be takers for these contracts when the need to move them is there. I don't know if Buffalo would be in that situation. But I could see buffalo bringing in an aging Callahan, who will be a big name there, still be able to kill PK, give you some admiral work. If it helps them hit the cap floor without actually having to pay those dollars, they are owners and teams who work within a structure where that is very very inticing.

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