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Originally Posted by achdumeingute View Post
the nhl was a different league 10 years ago, 5 years ago, and more now with the new cba its different.

they don't have a track record, I believe that's more to do with lack of quality clay. they have basically failed on one realistic pick, marshall. everyone else (first and second round) has been serviceable, for other teams.

we can't use money to buy everything any more. not the case 2 years ago.

Yeah I actually went through this not too long ago. The Flyers lack of high picks used on d-men in the past 10+ years is pretty staggering. The percentage of Flyers d-men developing into NHL players in that time is on par with the NHL averages (about, maybe slightly below but not much), using Appleyards numbers from a while back.

The Flyers biggest problems were the trading of picks and young players for vets to make late pushes and not using the higher round picks on d prospects. Both of these have been corrected over the past three years. This team needs patience and IMO they're on track in that regard.

The team was set on course for a relatively quick rebuild three years ago, which coincides with the above. I think the over achievement that was 11-12 threw some fans for a loop, but like it or not the team is very much still in a rebuild. Now if in the meanwhile management can make the team better and potentially make the PO via FA signings, being as though they don't cost the team the future, why not go for it? The PO experience is pretty valuable, especially for the younger/inexperienced players. Now I completely understand that some signings could potentially hamper the development of the young guys but I think the organization's mentality is that it's better to develop players in a competitive environment then not, one that doesn't just except losing because they are in a rebuild.

That's just the way I look at it.

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