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01-28-2014, 06:49 PM
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People really are overstating how good he was to start the season. He was our best offensive producer along with Schenn...but nobody on the team was producing well for the first month or so on the whole. He was scoring pretty much the exact same way he does now (either setting up someone in the slot or utilizing his crazy good shot on a cross ice pass usually on the PP) and he still has the same deficiencies he did then. Lecavalier probably was producing better (not sure how much if at all), but the biggest difference back then was that literally nobody else ever scored aside from Lecavalier and Schenn which helps him stick out in that time frame.

I think we were averaging like 1.5 or just under 2 goals a game for a long while to start the season which is flat-out atrocious so naturally any player that scored even every few games will stick out in that scenario.

I actually just went through the first five games of the season and he had one goal and two assists in five games. He's scoring .5 PPG and like .25 GPG now so that's similar to what he's doing now. I know five games is a small sample size, but I don't remember exactly what games he was injured for and I don't want to bother to look through every game. I also think Schenn had a point on every point Lecavalier had through those first five games.

EDIT: IIRC he was hurt fairly early on so even if he was doing better (which he really wasn't) at that time that was also for an extremely small sample size that doesn't mean anything at all really. So, again, this whole "he's playing hurt or he was so good before getting hurt" stuff just feels like people trying to justify his contract or justify the player.

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