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Originally Posted by flyguy View Post
Hey, don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. It's just odd to see two in a row like that.
I hear ya.

The father to Wes McCauley passed away at a young age but he was jumped surrounding doing a game and lost part of his eyesight. He later became the NHL's Director of Officiating. This is from Kerry Fraser from prior to the 2013 Finals:

Wes McCauley is about to enter uncharted waters. The stakes are higher and the focus of the hockey world intensifies in this final round. I remember it well. No one gets to this level of proficiency without the assistance of coworkers and mentors. The night prior to my first Stanley Cup Final game, I had the good fortune of dining with the best mentor I could have hoped for. John McCauley, then Director of Officiating (Wes McCauley's father) prepared me for what to expect and instilled in me the confidence I needed to succeed.

John McCauley had been a well respected referee in the NHL until his career was cut short from a sucker-punch in the eye by a drunken hockey fan from Kapuskaing, Ontario. The blow was delivered after the Soviet National Team had trounced a collection of NHL All-Stars in the third and final game of the 1979 Challenge Cup at Madison Square Garden.

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