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01-28-2014, 06:50 PM
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Originally Posted by SAnuck View Post
Hey guys,

I'm very new to ice-hockey (I only recently moved to Canada with my family from Australia) and I'm just getting into ice-skating and actually playing the game and i've got a few questions.

I've gone to the local rink a few times for a skate here and there, and although i can get around the ice (VERY slowly mind you) and I obviously need some lessons, I'm looking at purchasing my first set of skates soon. The few times I've skated I've just used the rink provided skates and everytime I have found that my ankles just ache like I've never felt before.

Is this normal? Is it because I'm simply using a new muscle (ankle area) and it's getting worked and this pain is normal for all new skaters and goes away over time? Could it be that the skates I was using just weren't good quality/a good fit? Or a combination of them both? I was wondering if there are ankle specific supports you can purchase and wear while learning to help ease the pain?

I can only manage 8-10 minutes on the ice at a VERY casual skate before I'm forced to take a rest due to the pain.

Also, I'm a 24 year old learning to ice-skate for the first time, has anyone on here also started at a late age? And if so, got any tips? How did you find it? Any ankle strengthening exercises you recommend? etc. etc.

Thanks guys!
You have a number of reasons for this:

1. New to you....Balance...even if you have strong ankles your antagonist muscles are nervously fighting your every move...congratulations, your body is reacting as it should
2. New to may need more strength in your ankles...but are probably better equipped strength wise than most kids starting out (they have other advantages but generally not that)
3. Skates...definitely worthwhile getting a well fitted hockey skate above a rec level skate...further above that is nice but not necessary

I would advise taping the skates after the 8-10 minutes (longer if you can), for the added support, if the skates seem OK, or right away if they are soft rentals...not ideal but if it keeps you on the ice it is definitely worthwhile

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