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02-03-2007, 12:28 AM
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Originally Posted by davedave View Post
Your blurb makes no sense at all from a hockey perspective. Why would you post that nonsense unless you were trying to provoke people?

You see, I did address the central issue -- which is that you make cheap shot posts and then claim to be persecuted for making a perfectly valid point when you get called out.

As for my style, posters here know that I don't attack people for no reason. And as for picking on you, I'm sorry that I have a long memory from your time in the Political Discussion forum. You're just doing the same thing here by trying to bait Habs fans on a Habs board after last night's game. It's gutless but sort of funny that you try to turn it into an issue of my style, which could be taken as a subtle kind of personal attack, if I thought you were clever enough to think of it.
Ahhh, the politics board. Makes sense now. I never baited there, some of the mods from that board have long memories too and will back me on that. My opinions were not always popular (I backed Bush) but I got on well with most and kind of enjoyed being in a small small minority. I actually got on well with most, even those I disagreed with. You seem to carry a grudge a long time though.

And by the way, having an opposing POV is not trolling. Even an unpopular one.

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