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02-03-2007, 12:04 AM
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Originally Posted by Jaded-Fan View Post
Ahhh, the politics board. Makes sense now. I never baited there, some of the mods from that board have long memories too and will back me on that. My opinions were not always popular (I backed Bush) but I got on well with most and kind of enjoyed being in a small small minority. I actually got on well with most, even those I disagreed with. You seem to carry a grudge a long time though.

And by the way, having an opposing POV is not trolling. Even an unpopular one.
It's no grudge. It's just recognition of what you're doing. Then, as now, you'd poke people with a pointy stick and then feign surprise when they would sometimes snarl.

But maybe you're not actually trying to provoke people with trash dressed up as "opposing opinion" (which is trolling). If that's the case, then I've given you more credit than I ought to have. I sincerely thought (for instance) that you could see the manifest absurdity that Carbonneau "corroborated" the allegation that Lapierre schemed to hurt Crosby by pointing out that Therrien had the last change. (What a fiendish trap! Carbonneau is a master tactician!)

I'm sorry for overestimating you, and I thank you for your contributions, past and present.

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