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Originally Posted by davedave View Post
In all seriousness, I'm sure Therrien has seen enough cheap shots against Crosby to be plenty upset. But I just don't think there's any reason to think Carbonneau was behind it. As you rightly point out, Crosby has a reptutation for lighting teams up that pull a Hatcher hatchet job on him. Also, Carbonneau has to be worried about his own players, like Koivu. Respect is reciprocal, and cheap shots are retaliatory. Carbonneau, Muller, Jarvis and Gainey all know that because they played in the league so long.

As some other posters kind of mentioned, Lapierre is the closest thing the Habs have to a dirty little pest. He's been up and down the past couple of months, and he's doing whatever he can to win a permanent job. I'm sure he got real excited when he saw Therrien send out Crosby for the opening face-off. He probably thought to himself that it was a chance to get Crosby off his game or remind him of their rivalry from the Q or whatever.

I just think that the conspiracy theory is as likely as saying that every time Ruutu pulls some stunt, Therrien was behind it. Ruutu is an accomplished enough pest that he doesn't need his coach to tell him to run Markov into the boards, for instance. Lapierre is striving to be in that class of dirty little pests that everyone hates, but also needs and loves to have one on their team.

There's also a bit of gamesmanship from Therrien. Again, he's seen lots of cheap shots against Crosby, who right now is probably the best player in the NHL. This whole incident is a great way to draw attention to the issue. Therrien is a bit of a loudmouth, but he's not dumb (he was inexperienced in Montreal and made some mistakes because of it, but oh well...). He knows that by floating this conspiracy theory he takes some of the pressure off his players by attracting controversy to himself heading into a key rematch this Sunday.

I took Therrien's own words from the article (premeditated attack on Crosby) as well as how the game was played, though some of that was attributable to the predictable aftermatth of Lapierre pulling that stunt at the opening face off. If it was not Army crushing Koivu it would have been something else. But the Habs as a team seemed to play beyond the whistle all night. My observation. Again, you can disagree and I have no problem with that. But to call it trolling and to attack my intelligence is crossing the line.

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