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01-29-2014, 12:08 AM
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Originally Posted by MRxBLACK View Post
I swear every team we play is on a back to back or one of their main players are out. Hears to hoping the season series vs Boston isn't better than 2 and 2.
Yeah it seems like that every time I check. I guess it evens out. Sixers play the Pistons Saturday. That will be their 2nd game of a back to back. They play the Hawks Friday at home and have to travel to Detroit. I guess that's pretty good. The Pistons are a team that gives plenty of games away.

Just checked the Boston box score. If there is a silver lining the Celtics didn't play a single guy more than 30 minutes tonight.

What I've noticed watching the Sixers halfway through the season is that their bench is terrible by NBA standards (well I didn't really need to watch the games to notice that). Their starting 5 can hold their own against any team in the league. Most games are decided by the second units. If a team can out play the Sixers bench, they have a good shot at winning the game. The games the Sixers usually win are against teams that don't have a quality second unit and can't separate on the scoreboard, or the the likes of Wroten, Thompson, and Elliot Williams play above their capabilities. BB was playing a 10 sometimes 11 man rotation earlier in the year. Now he's pretty much down to a 9 man rotation with a starter or two mixed in with the second unit.

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