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02-03-2007, 04:19 AM
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A big apology

Flames fans deserve a big apology for the conduct of some Canuck fans. Saw were one got on a the Flames' board and said he heard a radio report that Phaneuf had a tore ACL. Just a garbage person. Put people through needless torment as to the extent of Phaneuf's injury.

Also we have got too many jerks in our crowd. Bunch of punks who get liquored up at the games and start fights with Oiler and Flames fans. The other night against the Oilers was a disgrace.

Want to say that these jerks do not represent most fans. These idiots use their status as so called fans (supposely defending their team) and the anonymity gained by being part of crowd to bully other people. I've been to games in Calgary and it simply not as bad for visiting fans.

Canuck management needs to move in and take care of this mess.

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