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Originally Posted by Garbage Goal View Post
They flat-out didn't know. I remember them specifically being surprised about it and pretty much admitting it. If anyone else wants to back me up here feel free.

There's literally all the proof out there that they don't know how to manage a cap. It was only a few seasons ago where they had to sign like beer league players or some crap like that to emergency tryout contracts because their cap situation was so screwed, they made trades like Upshall and a 2nd for Carcillo as well as Gagne for Meszaros because they were always stuck with the cap, they didn't know what they were doing with the Pronger contract, and even right now in present time we have literally more cap committed to D then any other team in the league (as Beef pointed out, thank you Beef) yet we have one of the worst D groups in the league.

They are horrible at handling the cap and pretty much have been the majority of the time. They also had to use both of their compliance buyouts immediately to get rid of the Bryzgalov and Briere contracts.

That doesn't make them sound cutting edge or savvy or a standout team in any way whatsoever. The league specifically called deals like that "circumventing the cap" and some teams/deals got investigated for it and NJ even lost a first rounder for it (as well as having to make a new deal). They also were not the only team to do that kind of thing.

IIRC the Luongo deal was the first contract like that and then there's the Hossa, Suter, Parise, and Kovalchuk deals. There's literally nothing about that that says ""the most savvy and cutting edge of all the teams". Even if you think they caused the lockout with the Weber offer sheet are we supposed to be proud that they caused a lockout? Is that a thing to be happy about now?

They have had a lot of cap blunders. They get by with it because they always end up making relatively minor sacrifices to get out of it (like the Upshall and Gagne deals) or just flat-out get lucky with stuff like using the compliance buyouts on Bryzgalov and Briere and Pronger being able to be shoved into LTIR.
Like I said before you mentioned it, the upshall deal was definitely the worst cap casualty. But considering it was made to let Giroux develop & never really bit our ass, I'll let it go. (Though the pick really stung)

However, the Gagne deal actually reinforces my point. The organization will move mountains, and effectively pay for other teams' players by moving inflated but empty contracts for peanuts.

This way we can take shots, but protect ourselves from the end of the deal. Even a NMC or NTC

Vinny signed with us because of the offer :
1. Money up front
2. A few more chances in the playoffs
3. Exit strategy to whichever 5-10 teams he likes

We basically get a shot with him for free, and if he miraculously lasts the whole deal, than great. If not, move him at no real cost other tha $$$

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