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02-03-2007, 08:34 AM
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Originally Posted by 51tyutin51 View Post
Listen..I never said they chanted..chanted is a consistent praise of a team..I said they cheered. When the leafs scored it was bad.
what else was a leaf fan supposed to do when their team scored booed?
gimmie a break.
so i guess the next ranger game i go to at the leafs i too can expect to get beer thrown on me because how dare me go root for my team in someone elses building.
hey , if it was a perfect world the garden would be 100% ranger fans but its not unfourtunately.
its kinda funny because in the past when i went to canada to see the rangers play the canadiens or leafs i got my share of people screaming at me to go home wearing my guy lafleur jersey but nobody threw anything on me it was all in good fun and actually a lot of people gave me props for being loyal enough to my team to make the trip to canada and have the nuts to walk in there with a ranger jersey on.
and as far as when the leafs scored it was bad exactly how bad? was it any worse then any other time when the rangers let up a goal or are losing and you can here someone's conversation on a cell phone 3 sections away because of the building being dead. you got to take one thing into consideration here this is new york and whether the people in attendance are all hockey fans or just corporate price inflating seat suckers its still new york and new york crowds are tough to please.

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