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01-29-2014, 06:16 AM
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Callahan and Girardi can get 7 years in the open market. The Rangers had to give Lundqvist 7 years. Phaneuf got 7 years. The media asked Nonis why 7 years. Nonis said Dion was getting 7 years as a free agent. According to McKenzie,the Rangers have an issue with 7 years. Why would Girardi and Callahan accept less than 7 years? Unless the Rangers raise the money for lesser years,why would they re-sign? Does it make sense for the Rangers to pay more annual money for one less year? Its very tricky.

The Rangers didn't want to give Lundqvist 7 years. Callahan and Girardi will have to leave a significant amount of money on the table to stay in New York. Henrik got nearly $60M in a market which will be flooded with goalies this summer and there aren't exactly many teams with a need for a $8.5M goaltender. Ryan Miller will be a free agent. How much is he getting as a free agent? Its not $59.5M.

Dustin Brown got 8 years and $5.875M. Callahan wants 7 years for more than $6M. If you look at what Brown got,Callahan isn't out of line to ask for that. Both of them are captains of their team. Similar players. What's it going to cost for 6 years? $7M? Why would the Rangers do that? Callahan can probably get close to $7M or $7M as a free agent for 7 years. 5 years will cost more.

Same thing with Girardi. $5.4M-$5.5M. 7 years. What is a fair number to get him off 7 years? Girardi will be forced to leave significant dollars on the table. 6 times 6. $36M. Girardi can probably get the $6M for 7 years in July.

Both Girardi and Callahan will get their best deals waiting until the summer. If the Rangers trade them on February 7 or March 5,that's the Rangers decision. There will be no shortage of options in the summer. This is the last significant contract for both players.

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