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01-29-2014, 09:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Dave is a killer View Post
I imagine Preds games are approaching "Come to a game & stay for the food" status
I'm a huge Preds fan, and have been since day one. With that said, my friends (some of whom are huge fans, some aren't) are always down to go to games with me when they can. It's turning into a social event for a lot of people in attendance, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing IMO. I've lived in other NHL markets, albeit non-traditional ones, and I can say that there's something about Preds games that makes it a social atmosphere. I don't really know what it is but it's way different than the others I've gotten a chance to experience on a somewhat-regular basis in LA, Anaheim and Florida. Their arenas are largely boring, quiet, and relatively uneventful. (Although I'll admit Anaheim and Florida are far worse offenders than LA, but still) None of that seems to be the case here. Even when the team isn't playing good consistent hockey it's still fun to go to games and have a good time getting out for the night.

And yeah, a lot of people that go to games aren't truly "fans", but that actually helps when the on-ice product is suffering. If people are going for a fun night out with friends, they won't be discouraged if we lose or don't play well. They'll just want to come back as long as they have fun. Which is easy to do at The Bridge.

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