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01-29-2014, 08:04 AM
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Originally Posted by haohmaru View Post
Hypothetical: we trade Girardi tomorrow for a prospect or two and a 1st round draft pick. Who are our top 3 D? Who's going to play first pair and 25:00+ per game with McD?

Whoever it is it's going to be a stopgap measure AND it's going to cost us a playoff berth.

Skip to July - which guy (R D) are you signing to replace Girardi as a UFA? Because, whoever it is, he won't be as good as Girardi was.

That's why you sign Girardi.
Not a good way to think. This way of thinking gets organizations in long term binds with bad contracts. You have to look at every year of the contract and way the pro's/cons

Originally Posted by nyr2k2 View Post
I think he's a capable #2/#3 defenseman for us now and can continue to perform in that role for at least another three or four years, at least. If the last year or two of his deal he begins to decline, $6M shouldn't hurt too bad barring some unforeseen collapse in the salary cap. I don't see Girardi's game falling off a cliff any time soon.

Also, there's something to be said for continuity. Too much roster turnover is problematic. We have a lot of guys potentially coming off the books, and I think it's important to keep key contributors if the cost is reasonable.

Girardi plays about 23 good minutes for us per night. We have to replace that if he walks or is traded. Do we have an in-house replacement? McIlrath may be ready next year, but not to assume Girardi's role. Stralman could leave. Klein is the only other right-handed defenseman. What will we find on the open market that is cheaper than Girardi but comparable to his skill? Will the cost savings of that player be worth the loss of continuity?
I think Girardi will be fine for a few years. I worry about giving a d-man who is a just above average skater a long term deal at 30 though. Normally, the players who age gracefully in the NHL are great skaters.

Originally Posted by offdacrossbar View Post
Trade cally.

Offer dan 5.5 @ 6

I think we can live without cally and his return will be an impact type player and potentially a 1st round pick.

No brainer
I think I would be good with this.

Originally Posted by haohmaru View Post
The two are not remotely similar. Richards WILL be bought out and find a C that can score 40 pts in 60 games isn't nearly as difficult as finding a RHD that can log 25+ minutes per game. Look at the UFA list of who's available and get back to me.

So... your solution to the problem is to create a fantasy trade that the Avs are likely not to make?

That about sums it up.

Stralman, Klein, & ________ looks a lot, A LOT, worse than Girardi, Stralman, & Klein.
Again, what happens if in 5 years when Girardi is a borderline top-4 d-man?

Stralman and Klein are legit top-4 d-men. Neither are top pairing but the Rangers are lucky enough to have (2) top-pairing LD's in McDonagh and Staal.

Originally Posted by offdacrossbar View Post
I would like to keep stralman and girardi both.

If I was forced to choose I still go with stralman over girardi. Less expensive shorter contract and a better overall player IMO.

Trade cally.

Look to resign girardi but move him if he wants over 5.5/6

Add mcilrath as the 6th.

Staal stral
Mcd kleiner
Moore mcilrath
I think thy should sign one of them. Stralman or Girardi. Prioritize, move the other.

Originally Posted by UAGoalieGuy View Post
I think Girardi will have a major role in mentoring McI next year and going forward.

I would take Girardi back at 6 years $6 million. Right side of the D will be set for years with Girardi, McI and Klein.

I think Callahan will net a solid return from a western conference team. Those saying they would take a deal like Stewart and a 3rd are out of their minds.

I can see a deal like Runblad, Samuelsson and a conditional 1st or 2nd if he resigns.

6 million is too much unless he backs down to 5 years, IMO.

I wouldn't want Rundblad, not overly interested. Samuelsson + 1st +

The people asking for NHL players are silly. Practically no rental has returned players like Hanzel or Yandle. Not happening.

If the Rangers don't see Callahan moving on his dollar figure, wouldn't it make more sense to try and build up a bidding war BEFORE the Olympics in case he gets injured?

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