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01-29-2014, 08:22 AM
eco's bones
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Rangers will be stuck with Brad for 6 more years. If he decides to retire in 3 we'll be stuck with his cap hit for the rest of the term. This guy is not Jaromir Jagr. He doesn't have the size, the strength, the personality. Jaromir Jagr at 41 years old is a better player than Richards at 33. We saw signs of real regression last year--he will regress again as he gets older. We might get one-two more good seasons out of him and then have a salary cap handicap of a salary until it peters out.

Richards has played okay this year--not great. Rosen and Micheletti can praise him all they like. It feeds the propaganda machine. The player though that the Rangers signed and expected to get was close to a point a game player. 38 points in 54 games is not close to a point a game player. He is putting in the effort this year and that is what he can produce now. That production is not likely to get better in the future--it's much more likely to get worse. People here talking about the Rangers not being legit contenders--needing to cut bait on Callahan and maybe Girardi--take a step back to take two step forwards and they want to hold on to Richards? Nonsensical. Both Callahan and Girardi are better players than Richards.

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