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01-29-2014, 08:24 AM
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Originally Posted by nyr2k2 View Post
I don't think replacing Girardi with some random UFA of lesser talent, or a prospect and a pick, will get us any closer to being a contender in the next few years.

If the decline in Girardi's game has been so noticeable, and he's not worth close to $6M (which is probably the going rate for a #2/#3 on the open market), then what do you think we'll get for him in a trade? The player you're describing Girardi to be sounds like a bottom-pairing defenseman. Who's going to give us valuable assets for a bottom-pairing defender about to his UFA status? What good PMD are we getting for the mediocre player you're describing? If he's worth valuable assets, it's because he's a good player that can be counted on to play big minutes for a good team. You can't sit there and say Girardi is a mediocre defenseman in decline and at the same time think he'll return anything worthwhile.

Yes, he is getting older. But he's still only 29. He's not 32 or 33. He still has good years of hockey ahead of him. I guess the fundamental disagreement between us is that I think Girardi is quite a bit better than you do. I also think we stand a better chance of contending in the next five years with Girardi than whatever we'd receive in return for him (especially if he's viewed by the rest of the league as he is by you, which wouldn't net us a whole lot in return).
Saying he's declining doesn't mean I make him out to be a bad player. He's not at the level he used to be, though.

I really don't believe he has the skillset to warrant that paycheck. That's not to say he's a bad player, but not one that deserves 6 million dollars.

He has absolutely no puck skill, which is imperative for a defenseman in AV's system. And, most importantly, he needs an elite partner. We've all seen what happens if he's not at the hip of McD or Staal, his effectiveness plummets. If you're going to be paid 6 million dollars, you better be effective in your own right. Girardi isn't. Simple as that. What happens if god forbid McD or Staal go down? His effectiveness plummets.

This essentially goes down to I believe he's not as effective as you do. And that's fine.

Again, if he's willing to sign at a team friendly discount like 5 million per, I take that. 6 million at 6 years? Not a chance.

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