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Originally Posted by Onetimersniper28 View Post
Are you tall ? I have a friend who also likes to use hockey sticks designed for children(sorry, but that's what they are meant for), he's not that tall and he doesn't have any reach, which makes it easy to get by him with dangles. He has a terrible shot with those sticks, but he can control the ball really well.
By the way, if you are tall (over 6' by my standards), you will be hunched over when you play, and that could cause you to have back problems.
Then i guess im a child then. Thank you for concern about my height. I am 5 foot 4 inches and sometimes im hunched over like a hunchback. Back problems would be reflective of a weak core.

I only cut off 3 inches from the ek 15. It has a 4 inch flex free zone so flex is still 45. My other sticks were a lot shorter for the past few months on purpose. Many times people rely on the reach of their stick when they should be moving their feet. This has worked very well for me. Now that im using a longer jr stick i have better reach but im also in the habit of moving my feet.

I also wear size 4 junior skates which are also for children as well.

If your friend has a problem with his shooting then it might be the stick.
My shot looks like it improved since i got the ek15. My teammate noticed it and asked if i had been working on my shot cuz i was picking corners and ripping them off really fast.

I told him no man. Its the stick. Check it out. Its totally the stick.

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