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01-29-2014, 11:29 AM
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****** I am not a Doctor ******

If you feel pain in the front of the shoulder or in the very back of your shoulder blade could because for alarm. You might get what I call "Fire" It feels like some one starting a fire in your shoulder. I have injured both my shoulders dislocated one 5x tore the labrum and jacked my rotate cuff in the other. Many of my issues would of been avoided if I took care of the issue at hand properly. If you have health insurance I would go to the Doctor, maybe you are fine but for a $30 - 50 copay its worth it to find out your issue.

Not sure of your age if you dislocate your shoulder before your 19-20 there is almost a 70% chance it will happen again. Trust me shoulder issues are no fun, PT does wonders for them.

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