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01-29-2014, 01:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Protest View Post
No... just lots of no.

Schenn is not a top flight defensive defenseman.
You definitely need to go back and check your facts. While agree Schenn is not a top flight defenseman, when he was 22 years old and acquired, he still had the potential to be that guy (I know, I know, it was obvious he wouldn't get any better because he just wouldn't).

The team needed puck moving defenseman.. like they do now.
Again, check your facts. The team had Matt Carle, Kimmo (younger and more able than he is now), Gus (who was/is a surefire top four PMD, remember???), Coburn, and Mesz (who had just come off a good season, which I know isn't really as good as I think for whatever reason you want to put out there). Their defensive defenseman...Grossmann. It was all PMDs. No defensive guys. The team was bottom ten in GA (which I know obviously was the goalie's fault, not the defense).

The team needed a #1 winger that could score goals to play with they do now.
And you had two 22 year old players. Voracek and JvR. One who had played in far more games and has put up more points than the other. Yeah, I guess they needed JvR AND Voracek to play on that top line with Hartnell and Giroux.

They traded a player that filled a need for a player that didn't. Yes the D needed help, but no Schenn is not the help it needed. If Jvr was here there would be no calls for Bobby Ryan...except from Prongo.
No, they traded from a position of strength (offense) to fill a position of weakness (defense). Schenn was 22 and a promising defender. If you are really going tell me that that is not the case, then you are simply in denial. The team was 3rd in Goals For and 20th in Goals Against. They had a glut of young forward talent (JvR, Couturier, Schenn, Voracek, Simmonds) and no young defensive talent of which to speak. It was a move that made sense at the time. It is very strange to act like they needed that offense in some bad way given the fact that they were top three in the league in scoring and had five or six young forwards with a ton of potential under the age of 25 and that the need for a young, high ceiling defenseman wasn't there.

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