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01-29-2014, 12:28 PM
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Regarding Marc Staal. Assume he really is returning to the form of his life, I think the Rangers should seriously look into trading him this summer. Especially since I think this whole, he's just leaving for Carolina in a season anyway is not only way overblown, I seriously doubt it's on his agenda.

Which matters more to him, at this time? Playing with his brothers or hoisting the Stanley Cup? The answer should (better) be obvious. Furthermore, if you ask any member of his family what they would advise, I believe strongly every single one of them would say winning the Cup is the only option to pursue. What's his parents going to say? But, our dream is for all our boys to play together? Or, we want to see each of your names on the Stanley Cup? Folks, please. 2 out of 4 so far.

As for winning the Cup in Carolina? That ain't happening anytime soon, if at all again. I mean, look at the Staal trade. Who would you rather have? Jordan, or Sutter, Pouliot and Dumoulin. Carolina seriously got hosed in that deal. Jordan has 11/14 in 53 games, Sutter has 9/9 in 53. Does that outcome give a player confidence that Carolina is heading in the right direction? That they can add more and more value to the system? If I'm right, and Carolina is still a middling team, I imagine when the Staal brothers' contracts run out, they'll be hankering to skate the Cup again and they'll be moving on to do it.

The Rangers have McD as the clear 1st choice shut down d man. They have many holes at the top of the depth charts. We all know what they are. Moving Staal and say, Hagelin? What would you want to get back? And then there's Conor Allen, who looked really sharp for a guy with zero experience. Maybe he's nothing but to improve the Rangers are going to have to gamble. We all (should) know that.

2 teams who may be very interested in Staal this summer, esp. if they don't win the Cup this year, could be Colorado and Anaheim. Staal, assuming he has winning the Cup as his only priority (it had better be), would have to accept a long term deal from either, and I don't believe he would rule either out from the get go. If he were to accept a 7 year deal from Carolina because they are willing to pay alot, how many years on the back end will he not be playing with one or both brothers? Or, do you suppose that if Carolina isn't progressing, the bros will just say, eff it, I got my ring, I want to play out the string with my little bro? Furthermore, if Marc won it all with Ana or Col, there'd still be plenty of time to get on a team with the bros.

What would you want from Anaheim for Staal and Hagelin? Top 9 forward, their best prospect, a goalie and a 1? From Colorado? O'Reilly, Barrie 2 1s? (obviously just speculating on returns, as a starting point.) Who wouldn't want Colorado's #1 next season?

And, you know who else would probably really be intrigued by a move out west? Mrs. Marc Staal. I lived in Los Angeles for 2 yrs, I have no doubt it would appeal to pretty much any wealthy young mom. More than Raleigh, I imagine without reservation. I've also spent some time in Denver and parts surrounding. Again, it's an extremely appealing locale.

So, that's my take.

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