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01-29-2014, 02:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Fataldogg View Post
Why pay more money for a less productive center? Because he is younger? That's stupid.
This is the part I disagree with, I think Richards is likely to decline over his next 6 years much more than Stastny would over those same 6 years.

To be slightly more accurate on the stats

Stastny 3145 total minutes over the last 3 years
115 pts
.036 pts per min

Richards 3558 total minutes over lat 3 years
138 pts
.038 pts per min

Stastny, all else being equal (which it never really is but anyway), would have had ~10 less points than Richards over the last 3 years if he had the same ice time.

And that is without even looking at the power play time each player received, Richards 703 mins, Stastny 403 mins

Not saying Stastny is the better player right now, or ever was, my opinion is that over the last three years they are very similar in terms of production per overall ice time, Richards had a big advantage in power play time over those years, and I think Richards is likely to decline rather quickly from here on out.

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