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02-03-2007, 12:57 PM
jukka ruskeeahde
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Hello Rocky!

The trouble is, that I have collected info about these tournaments since 1996, so I've had to make some thinking about that, what info comes into the presentations and what comes not. With MVP, I am that ambitious, that I'd like to add all to my presentations, but so far not enough info of the MVPs.

With the all stars, since the alls stars really started in the IIHF tournaments in the 1950's (and as far as I know, officially in the 1960's), I think it's not fair to start only from there.

With the little points, there had to be some thinking too about that, what comes in, what comes not.

With Bill Warwick, based on my info, he was the best Canadian in this decade. Based on the same info, Putskhov was the essential man on the Sovjet success. Yes, Bobrov was great. But the main reason for my judgement was, that in the 1950's Sovjet Union was only the second best nation internationally.

Yes, Vasiljev was. But then; his team was the best one, so Marjamäki had to do more to get into the level he did.

The Shuvalov thing, that was just that little point, you were hoping for!

OK, here is some feed-back. I guess, I have to say, that these are only my judgements, not meant to be any God's word in any way.

Still, thank you very much for your feedback. The English version of the other half will be coming soon, so there will be something about the best line (at least I think so!).

All the best

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