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02-03-2007, 01:48 PM
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Sorry too idealistic. A roster is never that home grown.

Originally Posted by smoneil View Post
I wouldn't trade Shanny right now for one key reason: I think this team could be set for years just the way it is.

Yeah, the big 4 are getting older, but we DO have youth in Hartford. The next 2/3 seasons could/should look like this:

Next season, sign a young, 1st/2nd line center (for the sake of argument, let's say Gomez). Then bring up a couple of our Hartford wingers. That's it. That would make the team look like this for 07/08:

Straka Nylander Jagr
Prucha Gomez Shannahan
Dawes Cullen Callahan
Hollweg Betts Ortmeyer

The following season, when we are likely to lose pretty much the entire top line and Shanny, we sign a top (and with the money available, I mean TOP) winger, move Gomez up to the top line, bring up Dubinsky and Korpedo for the 2nd/3rd line and see how it works. We would then be:

Prucha Gomez Big Name
Dawes Dubinsky Callahan
Korpedo Cullen Byers?
Hollweg Betts Ortmeyer

Not that bad, especially when you look at the defense, which, through 2 years of patient waiting, could look more like:

Staal Tyutin
Sanguinetti Rozsival
Sauer Girardi
Baranka/etc etc.

With a tandem of Lundqvist and Montoya in goal.

It's be a very young, talented, inexpensive team that could easily be tweaked at the deadline for a cup run.

If we trade Shanny after he took less to come here, we are NOT likely to sign a top young center this offseason or the big winger the following one. Nobody will want to sign with a team that will ship you off the same year.

As to the article, I really think the guy had the "trade Shannahan" idea first, and then tried to make it fit the Rangers situation. How else does he come up with the idea that Fedor Tyutin is "performing below expectations"?

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