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01-29-2014, 07:04 PM
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One skate constantly wobbling

I first learned to skate about 5 years ago. The problem is I didn't really practice very much after that. Recently my buddies and I have been hitting the pond for some shinny. I'm still very much a beginner.

My problem is that one, and only one, of my skates doesn't give me very much ankle support. I have to constantly retie it and even then it doesn't take long for it to start wobbling again. To best describe it: The right skate seems unstable. My ankle seems to be able to fall too far inward. As you can imagine this makes it hard for me to pivot and rely heavily on my right foot. In turn this makes my skating quite limited when trying to hustle.

In contrast the left skate gives me no issues. It pretty much stays tight for the duration of the session. If I'm out there for 4 hours I'll have to retie it maybe once or twice.

So what is the cause of the problem? At first I chalked it up to ankle strength (or lack thereof). I fell a lot the first time we played. I changed up my lacing style this time and it helped, but around the 3rd hour the skate just seemed to sort of cave in and I was out of stamina in my ankles to compensate for it. My skates are Nike Bauer Ignite 44. I can't find any information on them, it seems they have been discontinued. They were maybe $110 at the time of purchase. They were barely used and have been sitting in a storage locker for the last couple years. I've used combinations of knotted lacing and floating knots. These have helped but the problem still persists. I'm certain the skate was tight enough because my right foot fell asleep and I had an indentation across my right ankle. My left ankle with the much better fitting skate had no indentation and the foot never fell asleep. Should I just continue to play through it or consider new skates?

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