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01-29-2014, 09:43 PM
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Hoping I can get a little advice on my skates, I know very little about skates, what will fit properly, etc. I never had the opportunity to play hockey as a kid never really learned to skate, now in my early 20's I'm trying to get out and learn to skate and play with friends as much as I can, however I've been experiencing tremendous amounts of pain, to the point where after 20-30 minutes I feel like I can no longer even stand. :/

I'm not quite sure how to describe it... My entire foot will hurt, but it is the worst on the inside of my foot where the arch meets the heel and on the outside near the knuckle for my little toe. I find the pain to be unbearable, but be relieved almost instantly when returning to my shoes/boots.

I wear size 7D Bauer Supreme One skates (whichever version is the cheapest or second cheapest in that line), had help sizing them when I bought them, and I wear size 9 - 9(1/2) shoes (depending on the make) but usually go up a half size for width. I'd say I have an average arch on my foot, if anything it's a little high. I've had these skates for a couple months now, used them a fair number of times (10-15), but the pain hasn't been getting anymore bearable.

Any advice, HF? I'd rather not spend more money on new skates if I don't need too, but, do I need to get a wider skate? Do I need to invest in some insoles? Do I need to suck it up and keep "breakin em in"? Does it sound like something "baking" my skates could help with and can I do that at home?

Thanks in advance

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