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02-03-2007, 03:48 PM
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Where is the first trio

It's been now about 1-2 month that the first trio as been almost non existant ( ok i'm exagerating but the trio isn't doing much)

I'm sorry to say that but all that started with the come back off Higgins. Higgins is a great player, we all know that, but man since his injurie, he isn't half the player he was in the beggining of the season.

I don't know how a player can be this good and then this medium. Higgins says he feels fine but i really think he's foot injurie is sloing him down and now he lost all confidence.

So what's the sollution?
If i was carbo, i would put Lats back on the first trio and higgins on the second with Kovalev and Pleks.

When Lats was on the fisrt trio , things were going great for the line...let's try it again.

And it could be very interesting to see higgins on the Kovy line...

Man i'm so mad, I just saw the MTL- ISLanders game!!!!! how can they give a third period like that, in front of the fans

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