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02-03-2007, 04:05 PM
True Blue
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Shape of the league???

A recent article said that the NHL All-Star game was down a whooping 79% from the last time it was aired. That is a scary number. There are QVC shows that do better. In another act of Bettman dropping the ball, instead of putting it on a weekend where there was no major sporting events and on a major chanel, he put in on mid-week, on a channel that most people cannot find.

Let's see. Ratings this year have been down. Attendance has been down. The owners are artificially creating revenue by simply raising ticket prices, an act that can only mask the league's many deficiencies for so long (i.e. if ratings and attendance keep dropping, ticket prices cannot continue to accend every year). Is it just me or is Bettman's grand experiment of catering the game to the casual fan failing?

Salary cap or not, Bettman has to do better. He has to create new revenue streams, something that he has failed at. The first step is to bring the game more exposure. Whether he likes it or not, he has to go back to ESPN, hat in hand.

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