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01-29-2014, 11:50 PM
Ollie Queen
After 5 years...
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I went through a very similar experience. Losing someone you love, at such a young age, to cancer is more brutal than I can really express. I don't think there is any healing after that. You just move forward because you don't really have any other choice. The days get easier, because the experience gets further and further away, but the pain never actually heals. One thought. One picture. One story. One dream. One word is all it really takes to gut you and bring all of it back, in vivid, sharp, excruciating freshness. You're only okay because you have no choice but to learn to be. Moore is a really strong guy to be able to perform at a serviceable NHL level after his experience. In some ways it's great because it's what he loves and it keeps him occupied. At the same time, it takes great strength to be able to maintain a level as high as the NHL, especially when it's still so recent.

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