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01-30-2014, 02:04 AM
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Just need some quick advice, all replies are appreciated.

So I started playing rec hockey about a year ago, started with some Vapor 3.0 skates which weren't fitted properly (toes couldn't reach the top, sides weren't pushing in all the way), but still manageable to learn with (they were a tiny bit too big, and after I got better at skating, I noticed how much it was effecting me) still, I didn't really have to money to buy new skates so I kept using these. I'm a shoe size 9 with a slightly wide foot, I bought these in an 8EE.

Now I'm looking to grab a new pair of skates and I want one that's going to have a much better fit, problem is I don't know how exactly a "proper fit" is supposed to feel until I can actually skate in it, and everyone just gives with different answers based on their opinion.

I looking at getting the Supreme one.6/7 or the RBZ 80's, however they both have a significantly different fit. The Supremes have a tighter fit (7.5D) with a minor pinch on the sides but overall it's a tight snug fit and the toes are touching the top without curling. And with the RBZ's (7.5D), I can reach the top of the boot with my toes if try but it doesn't reach it if I just stand normally, and the boot does feel wider, it's snug without any pinch and feels more "roomy" than the supremes.

My question is if the slight pinch in the Surpreme's is going to get any worse after skating or will it be mitigated if I have them baked? The fit is good aside from the minor pinch on the outside of the foot, I can't go a size down because it'll be too small, and a size up is too big, I haven't tried the EE's in this skate yet though. I like the RBZ's but I have no idea if I'll have the same problem I had with my old skates if I get them because I opted for a little more room over a tighter fitting skate.

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