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02-03-2007, 06:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Cyrrus147 View Post
I think the problem is that the Habs management are putting way too much pressure on Koivu.

Koivu would be at his best....

1-A number 1 center with a elite scoring winger.

2-A number 2 center with young or decent Top 4 wingers.

Koivu has never and will never be a scorer. We can't ask him to score goal. The problem is , if Ryder and Higgins are not scoring goals, Koivu won't have points. So I won't blame Koivu for now. I think he is doing his best in this situation.

This team is really in need of a natural scorer.
I agree. Understand your point #1 and it's not bad. Just that I believe more in having a strong center position on all 4 lines than anything else. But definately, with his frame and everything he had to face so far, the guy is still human and can't carry so much. And obviously not only is he trying to get himself back on track but then he's probably trying to get the other 2 as well, way too much to ask.....

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