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Originally Posted by hototogisu View Post
I'm watching Deadwood now for the first time. Well I saw the first half of season 1 like five times. Finally watched it the whole way through and started on season 2, only got to the first two episodes so far though. Any reason in particular (without spoiling) why season 2 kinda sucks?
It starts to become a parody of itself in that a lot of the constant swearing and violence no longer seems to be part of showing you how rough and crude things were back in the day, but instead it just seems to be there to remind you of how much they swore and killed and fought in the previous season. Beyond that there are a lot of hokey moments (you would have already seen one in Bullock's "but I love her" little moment), and overall the story itself is just less interesting. A lot of the characters become a bit too...charactery at times as well, haha.

The pacing of 2makes sense once you see what it builds towards though, and the show becomes easier to buy into once again as it approaches the end of the season. It is worth enduring in any event. Season 3 is so full of tension that it is hard to avoid watching it all in one go.

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