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01-30-2014, 07:09 AM
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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
I was pointing out the outrage that some fans had in their posts. Some fans. Not all fans. Not the majority of fans. Most people were either in favor of the deal or ok with the deal. People that didn't like it were split between people who thought the deal was ok but a prospect or pick probably should have come our way and those who were outraged (and are outraged at every move). But ok, I guess I'll just agree with you. I was in the minority and most people said from the beginning that this team needed offense not defense etc etc.

But again, he was acquired to be a defensive d-man, something the team needed. Wait nevermind, you said they didn't need that so I guess I'm wrong.

Non-existent, eh? Pretty weird for a top five pick with 400+ NHL games.
Again, I legitimately counted, (that's how lame I am) and it was almost 2-1 saying bad trade vs good trade. There were a few meh's as well.

People were just saying we needed D in general, people that paid attention to the NJ series were saying we needed a PMD (which became readily apparent the next season) and everyone pretty much said that we needed a #1 dman. So which of PMD and/or #1 D do you think Luke Schenn is?

Also, how are him being a top 5 pick (a bad value pick) and playing 400 NHL games relevant to his puck skills and skating ability? You don't become a top pairing D man without puck skills, and it's pretty hard to be a top shutdown dman without skating ability in the current NHL. That's what I was saying about his upside. His upside was not high because he doesn't have the tools to become a top pairing defenseman. His hockey IQ and instincts would need to be incredible for him to accomplish that, which they aren't.

Originally Posted by ahthorne View Post
If you think Schenn displays zero skill and zero raw tools, you haven't been watching closely. Schenn's weakness are that he is a bad skater and his hockey IQ isn't very high.
I said zero puck and skating skills. Which I think you'll agree with.

Aside from that though, 3 of the most important things a hockey player needs is some combo of IQ, skating ability, and puck skills. Schenn is limited in all 3 areas. He can still be a good player, like a Grossmann with a little more offense, or a Coburn minus the skating ability. But that isn't the player the team needed at the time, and it isn't a player you trade JVR for.

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