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01-30-2014, 09:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Baby Punisher View Post
The Cally situation reminds me of how the Drury situation played out in Buffalo. The difference being Drury was a much more established player at the time, with a couple of 30 plus goal seasons & a cup on his resume, & seldom injured.

The Sabres let him walk he comes here & we all know how that played out.

Cally's constant injuries have me very worried & I have to think it has the Rangers worried as well. In addition Cally is really pricing himself off of the team. Cally deserves every penny he can get & the Rangers deserve a return on him & if by trading him can net us a nice package in return than so be it.

It's a business people, not emotional. Leave the feelings at the door when you walk inside, & pick them up on your way out.
Very ture. He deserves (and will likely get) every penny he can.
People (not you) sometimes expect the player to take a hometown discount but fail to see the flipside which is "If I am worth $40 million over years to a new team who I have no relationship with why am I only worth $30M to the organization I have my poured my heart out for?"
There is no right or worng there, simply pointing out why the player almost never stays for less money when he gets to UFA status and that they leave because they feel a level of disrespect not because they are greedy pigs.

Rangers should:
1. Put best offer on table now
2. Entertain trade offers if he is unwilling to sign
3. Only trade him if they get a bounty (First plus a prospect)
4. Play out the year with Callay and Girardi in lineup
5. Trade him for a 4th, 5th, whatever they can get right before UFA signing period to Buffalo or whomever.

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