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01-30-2014, 11:01 AM
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Originally Posted by Prongo View Post
I am very excited for him and have been for quite some time. I am excited for one huge reason, his SKATING. I can not wait to have a player who knows how to skate the puck up the ice and actually make something happen. Watch Coburn, it's hilarious once he hits the oppositions blue line, he literally justs slows down and drops the puck in. Ghost will have the ability to bring the puck into the zone and actually make something happen. Of course we will go through growing pains, but I really feel he has some big potential.
I totally agree. He is an amazing skater, and he has a wicked shot. I am convinced he would be one of our better defenseman if he joined the team right now.

From watching several of his games it is obvious he is a better player when he is playing with a shoot first mentality. That 11 shot game he had was simply incredible. It is probably a pipe dream to think he could become as good as Erik Karlsson, or at least on his level, but I would not put that totally out of the question. Every game I see him play I keep getting more convinced that he will be a great defenseman for us.

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