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01-30-2014, 12:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Bardof425 View Post
I do have a tangible argument and I've stated it before in pieces, which is puck possession and shots on goal although objective on the surface are subjective in terms of their value as stats. Not all shots are equal (obviously) and puck possession sometimes is dangerous and often leads to scoring chances (i.e, when John Tavares has the puck for 5 seconds) and sometimes it is nothing more than pinning the puck against the boards waiting for someone to pry it away (and in today's league where pucks are almost never frozen along the boards this happens all the time). So, the advanced stats although they appear objective; they are not.
Actual puck possession time isn't even a real thing. When advanced stats talks about puck possession, they're basically just measuring shots for your team while you're on the ice vs shots against your team while you're on the ice, not how much time you or your team actually has the puck on the stick.

That said, supposedly they've found that shot quality isn't much of a thing and there's no relevant way of measuring that, but eh.

These stats are for professionals who need them to cover their ass when a prospect or player they touted falls on his face; the same way baseball scouts will draft a pitcher who's 6' 5" instead of one who's 5' 10" because it covers their ass if he fails. I just don't see what place it has on these boards. I want to read people's opinions; not see how much leg work they did after a game. Sue me.
I think the advanced stats can definitely be useful but they are incomplete and not particularly good at picking out individual players and providing a clear picture of how good or bad they are.

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