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Originally Posted by Tricolore#20 View Post
With two netminders who have similar pedigrees (in that they have been backups for the majority of their careers), and not as much of a difference in salary, questions about goalie controversies are always bound to arise. It really is a fickle position, but one that I think we need to just have some faith in. Both netminders have given the service required from them, and I don't really think that they are to blame for anything this season (especially, when you compare it to Jose Theodore last year, who was providing less than average netminding all season until he got moved)

The fact is, outside of Plekanec, our top two lines have not done their job in scoring goals in the past month. I'm very disappointed that Chris Higgins hasn't recaptured his form from the first 13 games. He is a mere shell of that it seems, as he doesn't have the hustle, nor does he create the type of chances he did earlier. Likewise, Ryder hasn't been consistent whatsoever. You simply can't rely on him to score the goal when you need it, and he has really shown that he is more of a complementary player (who would be on a second line on most great teams) than a leading man. The problem only gets worse when you look at guys like Kovalev and Samsonov, who were expected to contribute goals, but who aren't doing anything remotely close to that. When those guys make up two-thirds of your top 2 lines, it shows you where the problem lies. The fact that Bonk, Johnson, Streit and Perezhogin have been our best forwards the last two games really tells the story why we've lost them.

The point is, the guys on the top two lines need to step up their game much more than Aebischer or Huet, who have performed pretty much what we expected from them at the start of the season.
Couldn't have said it better.

Sad thing is, my two favorite players on the team - Koivu & Higgins - are arguably among the worse right now and the two that need to step it up the most.

I know a lot of people dislike Ryder, but IMO, he's exactly the same as he always was (a sniper, nothing more) but he's obviously trying to do too much to compensate for the poor contribution of his linemates. Like him or not, unlike his linemates, he's at least implicated in the play and getting chances - Ryder just has too limited abilities to be able to carry any line (or the puck for too long for that matter).

Kovalev is also getting opportunities but not burying them - which worries me a lot less than Koivu & Higgins who really haven't created much since the end of December.

Samsonov is *finally* finding his game with Bonk & Johnson, so that's at least a positive, if only a small one.

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