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01-30-2014, 12:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Hey Ladyfan, how are you? As far as tonight's game.....I feel for you. There was a not-so distant past when Bruins fans loved to troll the Habs and have fun at our expense...that time is up now unfortuantely for you guys as we are now our biggest trolls. If that games ends up being a Bruins destruction, we might actually join you to laugh at our team......

Still....when we expect an humiliation, Habs always find a way to look better. So I will say that we might have a good game but surely a Bruins win. Yet, like I said, there's tons of people wishing for a big time loss on our end.....we'll see. As much as I hate Therrien, and dislike a lot of players, I still feel that beating the Bruins will always be stronger....just below beating the Leafs.
You know I love you Whitesnake

There are not as many Hab fans at the games in Boston as there used to be. Where are you all ? These games always seem to be more intense than games against other teams.

I am not ever over confident about a B's win. I am old and remember the misery your team put the B's fans through for many years.

Hope for a great game with no injuries to either team.

Better Luck next year
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