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Originally Posted by pld459666 View Post
don't know what Kreider is doing in this discussion so i will ignore him.

Here's what I am seeing.

If the league played a full season he would have been a 30 goal guy.

IF he didn't get an infection in his hand he would be a 30 goal guy.

IF the queen had balls, she would be king.

What I haven't seen mentioned about Kane is that thus far in his career, he's been overshadowed by lesser players on his own team.

During his 30 goal season, wheeler out pointed him 64-57

During last season, both Wheeler and Ladd scored more goals and points.

And this year the kid was falling further back in terms of team production as Wheeler, Little, Big Buff and Ladd were out pacing him.

At some point we have to stop making excuses for why he's not getting to where he should be getting and accept him for what he is.

A solid 25+ goal scoring winger that's got a ton of maturing to do both as a player and as ayoung man.

I like Kane, He'd be a good addition to the Rangers, but to say that he's worth Stepan, Miller and a 1st is insane.

Kane - 303 games played - 188pts

Stepan - 267 games played - 175 points

based on points per game played, Stepan is trending higher than Kane.

Stepan is a better defensive player and plays a more important position.

Kane is faster and more physical.

I would do Hagelin, Miller and a 1st. But I'm not moving Stepan for Kane.

no way in hell
Kreider was in the conversation because we all look so highly of Kreider because of the potential he is showing this year.

Kane is already what we all hope Kreider can become. And he's younger than Kreider is.

Look at it from WPG's POV.

And I'm not making any excuses for him. He's ****ing 22 years old. To have a single 30 goal year is a hell of an accomplishment, never mind to have it done by 22. To say he's "all he can become" at the age of 22 is asinine.

Also, Stepan is two years older than Kane. To suggest that Kane is trending down while Stepan is trending up is also asinine.

Oh nooo, Ladd outscored him when Kane scored 30 goals as a 19 year old. BUST.

Give me a break.

EDIT: Also, lets not ignore the two teams (and players) that these guys play with. Evander Kane plays with Olli ****ing Jokinen, while Stepan has played the majority of his time with either Gaborik or Nash.

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