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Originally Posted by TonySCV View Post
Robert_P doesn't post on JftC as often, but when he does they are always worth a read, because they are stat-based, fact-based posts that take all the hand-wringing out of it.

Tons-o-nuggets in here. Samples:

"The Kings are the strongest puck possession team in the NHL. They currently lead the league with a 56.9% Corsi percentage. That would also be the 3rd best mark of the #fancystat era (which started in í07-08).

How have they fared over this 17 game downturn?

Over that period and in close game situations, the Kings have churned out a 57.5%. They have actually improved their possession numbers despite the recent funk."

"More than anything the Kings goal scoring woes of late have been caused by extremely bad luck with regard to shooting percentage. And while it is possible that they have a lower than average true shooting percentage based on systemic issues and individual shooting talent, that is 4 to 5 times less important than their league leading shot differential.

Are there areas in which the Kings have room for improvement? Yes. Obviously their special teams are in shambles and perhaps they could mitigate some of their poor shooting talent by giving someone like Tyler Toffoli more ice time. But these are minor factors as compared their elite puck possession prowess.

"Among the factors within a teamís control, puck possession is the most important. No other factor is more predictive of future wins."

Itís not time to panic, there are plenty of wins on the horizon for the Kings."
Indeed. All the club needs is a little more regression to the mean.

Of course, they could run out of sample size before they reach the mean.

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