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01-30-2014, 05:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Rozz View Post
you right he did and so did HCH.. someone gave a cliche jab at Bergevin over trading Kristo.. which happens every time Thomas is mentions any where on HF boards ...

and to segue way a bit here.. I get it people I really liked the idea of Kristo and was really really hoping to see him with the Habs some day, and I as well as most others suffered from great shock upon hearing the trade... but i got over it as really Kristo and Thomas are not that different of prospects except that Thomas is younger and an inch or so shorter i think.. wow big deal! small skilled sniper for small skilled sniper.. neither of which has shown anything in the NHL, might one day and might not .. until then let it go FFS. but i digress..

back to my original point.. every time someone insults someone or something to do with our team in a cliche and over used to the point of nausea manner we inevitably get someone express (completely understandable mind you) how sick they are of hearing it over and over from the same people with some little "how original" or "not again" and the best " something something expert" comment.. to which we are then treated to the extremely recycled "well then lets shut the board down since only its only about experts" comment..

which leads to people like me having to sift through pages of arguments and personal opinions based on the secondary topics and not the info and discussion we entered a particular thread for in the first place ..

this isn't meant to pick on you its just the millionth time I've seen this little forum dance of wit and finally had to say something about .. guy 1 says and opinion... guy 2 say opinion of guy 1 opinion. guy 3 say opinion that guy 2 should have his opinion, and guy 4 states his opinion that we should get the **** back on topic.

so can we please end the madness? no need to close the board. no need for anything extreme.. just stay a little more on the thread topic ...

ah who am i kidding it will never happen and i will still be here daily reading and inevitably have to deal with this ****. oh the joy of first world problems lol
All fair points, with a few caveats.

First off, you don't like the idea of sifting through pages of arguments and opinions, however, you could do as I try to do -- edit your posts to the point of making them as short as possible. That's quite the long-winded version you've offered, above.

Second, I wasn't aware of the Guy 1 to Guy 3 little dance number. I just thought Guy 2 was a little harsh. Guy 1 is just venting, I'm sure he meant nothing by it. And no, don't have a dog in this fight or whatever it is.

To me, blanket statements about Habs being "clueless" are just an expression of general frustration of the moment. Sometimes writing it here is all we have.

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