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Originally Posted by kenjets36 View Post
I think Callahan has roughly 7 days to accept his contract extension offer... or to at least make massive massive progress.

Girardi is reportedly very close to signing - i.e within the next week.

There is no reason that I can see Sather holding Callahan, in a contract extension stalemate, during the Olympics. If Callahan were to get hurt during the Olympics, he'd be untradeable come the actual deadline. Then we'd be forced to pay him whatever money he wants or we'd hae to let him go.

It's why I think Girardi is so close to signing now. Sather probably gave them ultimatums. Sign what we're willing, or something very close, or we'll explore a trade.

As for the other UFAs, I think you can see what Sather thinks of the team. No one else is being rumored to be shopped, no one else is rumored to be in extension talks (besides Zucc's demands found on a Norwegian outlet). They'll either be extended, or walk. Trade doesn't seem like an option for any of them.

Sorry everyone who wants Boyle, Moore, Pouloit, etc... moved for picks. Doesn't seem feasible at this juncture.

As for Callahan/Girardi - I think they have take it or leave it contracts on the table with slight opportunities to tweak them. 5.2 for 6 years could go up to 5.3 for 6 years, but I don't think much more changing than 100k increase in either direction per year.

If they don't take them, I think they're gone in the next week. Exciting to see what we could get for them. A little nervous that we'll get a lackluster return. Both of these players, if traded, should warrant a kings ransom. They're worth A LOT to our team. Doesn't matter if they're UFAs.
1. How do you know that the Rangers have an offer out to him, and what makes you say that he's git 7 days to accept it? That seems like an awful lot of speculation on your part. For all we know Callahan said that he wants something ridiculous or he'll test free agency, and the Rangers already moved on from that.

2. Gone by next week? Anything is possible, but these things often last until the deadline. I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case here. One one hand you risk injury, but on the other you may not get the same value.

3. It absolutely matter that they are UFA's. A player like Callahan or Girardi locked up for 3 more years at a reasonable number is def more valuable than a guy whose about to test free agency. That doesn't mean we can get a valuable package for them, but it absolutely matters. Also, it doesn't matter how valuable he is to this team, it matters how valuable he is to the receiving team.

I think one thing that we are overlooking are the amount of quality players who could be available. Teams looking at Callahan could also be looking at Ott, Moulson, Vanek, Cammalleri, etc.. That could certainly drive his value down. I still think a 1st/solid prospect is the most likely scenario.

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