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02-03-2007, 08:43 PM
The Thomas J.*
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Vs. has to be the worst Netowrk I've ever seen. At least with Fox they put out an effort in trying to make it work.

When The NHL was on ESPN there were some nights I would get 5 or 6 games between the local channels airing 2 or 3 and espn 1 and 2 airing 1 or 2 east coast games and 1 or 2 west coast games. It was like the best TV ever!

I can Honestly say that I was farmilar with 75% to 80% of every team in the NHL's roster & had a really good Idea what was going on in there farm systems, because of ESPN & the internet. Now its so hard to follow every team when you cant see them as often as you were able to.

I have XM radio and get all the Games that way, and I enjoy listening to them, but its not the same as watching them. I also refuse to pay hundreds of dollars for the Home Ice package, Just not gonna do it.

I can Honsestly say my intrest in Hocky overall is at nearly an altime low. The Lock out is the main reason. I just developed other intrests out side of sitting home & watching Hockey. Conbine that with the Horiffic TV coverage and we are where we are. I'm not sure if ill ever get back to pre-lockout passion.

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