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01-30-2014, 07:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Pizza View Post
Just me, but I think right now we're a lot closer than people think. And Cally could absolutely play a big role.

I realize that a fan does nothing better than over or under estimate his teams chances, but I think my reasoning is sound.

We have maybe the best goal tender in the world. We have a very solid D core. The first two items give us a chance to play with anyone. Especially if Hank gets red hot.

Our forwards may not be the most talented, but are better than they have been all year. We have a team finding their identity and four lines that look to be clicking. I think the Rangers are in much better shape and could be poised to do some real damage.
I really don't like the direction the team's been heading in, but I have to agree here.

This team is littered with under performing players. The downside is inconsistency, the upside is potential. We're seeing what happens when Nash is hot and Hank is on. We have a 3rd line clicking in what I think is an unsustinable way, and a 2nd line that has seen 6 game stretches of being the 1st line, and just as many that look like the 4th. They ought to even out, or the lines may get shifted a little.

Staal has been stellar, McD will win a Norris at this rate, Girardi is at his BEST when he's got a star player in front of him (but tends to go full-****** in front of a 4th liner, go figure).

This team could do it. They PROBABLY won't. There are too many issues, including what I think is the wrong coach, system, and mentality. But to say this team doesn't have a shot is to deny the potential of the line-up, which we haven't (and may never) see.

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