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02-03-2007, 10:19 PM
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This team has no focus, no motivation, and no willingness to sacrifice like last year.

Prucha, as much as I love him, played an awful game. He gave up the puck a lot in his own zone.

Jagr, again, was an absolute non-factor. I don't want to hear excuses that the other teams are "double-teaming" him and "sending out their best defensemen against him". That didn't stop him last year, did it? I just don't see any drive in him. He doesn't go to the net and sacrifice his body to score (i.e. see the goal against Pittsburgh last year where he scored and got tripped up by fleury).

Nylander was excellent at passing today....tape-to-tape, absolute picture perfect passes......problem being that it seemed like 75% of them were to the wrong team.

The only positives were the play of tyutin, pock, girardi, and lampman, and obviously Lundqvist, who stood on his head.

And I agree with whoever said it, but I feel terrible for lundqvist. He has to play for this ####ty team that hardly ever plays hard. I don't know how he puts up with it.

This is quite possibly the most frustrating ranger team I have ever seen, and that includes each team from 97 to 04

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