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02-03-2007, 11:33 PM
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Who Was At The Rangers Leafs Game This Week?

Were there a lot of Leafs fans there? How many, what percent, would you estimate were Leafs fans?

Were they loud?
How were they treated?

I was disappointed because on the highlights it sounded like there were a ton of Leafs fans.
I'd say at least 15%, I read they were taking over the place with no repreucssions much like NYR fans do in WAS, and worst of all, this happens all the time with the Leafs.
Is this the norm?

I don't get it, not only is Tor 10 hours away, but it was a WEEKNIGHT, and MSG is always sold out.
I understand it is somewhat corporate, but it is not all that corporate, and now way should a team in Manhatten, a passionate sports mecca, be dominated by an outsider like it sounded.

If you were there could you answer, thanks.

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