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02-03-2007, 11:53 PM
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Tyutin for me is a bit of disappointment.

I agree with Hall that he when he wants to he can move the puck, he does have a good shoot and he can play physical and really quietly put together a very good game.

I agree with Chosen in the sense that he just does not do it consistently enough to be a #1 and I don't see that changing even with experience.

I just really don't see that fire with Tyutin. There are days when you see what he can do, but too often he just likes to blend in. Ultimately I see a #3 defenseman. One who is good, but never as good as he could be.

I can see the Lidstrom comparisons because when Tyutin is on, there are similarities. The big difference is that Lidstrom quietly leads his team while Tyutin quietly blends in.

I've said since he was 18 that Tyutin has some amazing skills, but it's just never all there. From a skill standpoint I think he's got more natural ability than a lot of the top youg defenseman in the game right now, but he just doesn't control a game the way he should and never has at ANY level.

It's something I've been battling people on for years because they keep pointing to just the NHL but for me it's deeper than that. It goes back to the AHL, Russia, and the OHL.

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