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02-04-2007, 12:18 AM
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Though one could argue that he would annoit someone better than Krog to be the 2nd line center.
Well they say the man turned water into wine, turning crap into gold might be another matter.

Personally I think all the options suck. Krog or Immonen, I mean it's painful for me to say that even Krog has looked better than Immonen did.

I agree and disagree. The approach of the organization as a whole has been fairly poor. However, that was not what was preventing Renney from playing Betts or Hossa on the 4th line. Or benching Malik. Or trying some new strategy on a 5 on 3 PP. Or actually utilizing the last line change at home.
I think the bigger problem is that the team has too many damn 4th liners. I mean Hossa, Hollweg, Betts, Ward, Hall, Ortmeyer, etc. are all 4th line players.

To me the biggest problem right now continues to be scoring depth. Switching Malik for Pock or some other marginal defenseman doesn't change anything just like having a lineup with Pock, Lampman and Girardi didn't result in anything different.

Yes, the approach has sucked, but Renney has made too many questionable decisions. And given his approach, and the fact that he has to leave the room before the final decision is made, I don't know just how much he wants to change the approach, given that the young players seem to only get a chance out of necessity.
We just disagree on the young players aspect.

I think Renney has made a lot of questionable decisions, but tonight's game, with different more HF-friendly names, looked like a lot of other games Renney has coached.

I think Girardi is getting his chance and making the most of it and was accordingly rewarded with PK time as well.

At the end of the day though switching Malik for Pock or Krog for Immonen does not change anything. It might make us feel a little better, it might look a little nicer but even the best coach is only going to make so much of a difference with WHO is currently on this team and the way it is built.

A very good coach, maybe has us slip into the 6th seed if everything falls right. Renney isn't a good coach so we accordingly sit out of the playoffs, but I really don't think even a great coach makes more than a pretty minor impact with this set of players.

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